Prime Minister Salwai said that following the advice of the scientist who comes from the government that shows that the level of the volcano remains at level 3 that the population of Ambaé can not return home. the Council of Ministers endorsed last week the ideas that come from the leaders of Maewo. He said that the quick decision of the COM to acquire a plot of land at Maéwo to be able to move them pending the procedure of adoption of the custom. Mr. Salwai said that the adoption of the Maewo custom will take time because they will manage with a large population. it is not the first time that the island of Maewo makes the customary adoption. they have already done so with the family of the North Banks and the Pentecost people who settle south of Maewo. The PM thanked the chiefs and the people of Maewwo for their kindness to welcome the population of Ambae. Mr Salwai said that the HOM agrees with the decision of the Santo chiefs and thanks the Santo chiefs for being able to welcome the population of Ambae. He asked the people of Ambae to wait and cooperate with the government and the chiefs and population of Maewo and Santo. And he ends by saying that the COM has extended the state of emergency until November


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