Prime Minister Salwai today gave a fishing boat to the Gumbalehan Fishermen's Association in central Pentecost this afternoon. The Director of the Fisheries Department Calo Pakoa gave the keys to the PM and the PM handed over to the president of the association Mr Christophe Virelala. Mr. Salwai asks the fishermen to keep the boat well and develop fish. He says that the Pentecost people eat more fish than the store's cans. The fisheries director asks the association to make a note of the fish caught which will become the basis of the association to be able to benefit more from this assistance. he says that the government will build a good base in Melsisi which will become the central fishing base. This fishing boat government had built it in the shipyard of Lugainville in Santo. The Gumbalehan Association brings together the Sinners of Batnapni to the Waterfall

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