After opposition claim that there are 30 Members of Parliament (MP) who are on his side last night, this morning it clearly shows that in Parliament there is the support of 19 MP against 33 MP on the side of the government. The opposition is looking for ways to claim the support of social networks and the professional media, and today the floor of Parliament, i said he had only the support of 19 MP. With this number, apposition can not request a special session and pass a motion of no confidence. Opposition Leader Ishmael Kalsakau also used the international media as the New Zealand International Radio to say there are 22 MPs on the opposition side and 8 who join the government side.

The session of Parliament took place this morning with 33 MPs meeting on the government side and 19 MPs from the opposition side, boycotting and demanding that they have a majority of the members of parliament. According to this boycott the 19 MP of the opposition n there is no quorum according to the standing order and the law of the Parliament which asks for a quorum at the beginning of the session, which makes that the President of Parliament had adjourned the session until Monday. If the opposition is not there, parliament can still continue with 33 MPs who are present this morning

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