Prime Minister Salwai donated 300,000 vatu to the Tanna community who hosted the national youth gathering of the Catholic Church in Vanuatu yesterday on Sunday, December 9 at the Lowanatom Catholic Mission, where there is the rally has been going on for a week.

As head of government today, I am proud to be able to attend this rally as Prime Minister and as a member of the Catholic Church in Vanuatu. A grouping like this is a reflection of our true freedom as we chose in 1980 that we ourselves can decide our destiny as a people and how we focus our belief and our consent through the motto that says "In God we we erect "which states that in certain countries in the world can recognize it, it was declared through the preamble of the constitution that establishes in the union of the republic of free Vanuatu which is centered on the traditional value Melanesian, the belief in God and the principle of Christianity?

This Gathering is important according to these 2 Reasons

1. It reflects the important role of the church to be able to publish the freedom of concern that is a right as a nation that there is no anti-independenceist in 1980 that becomes a right that we defending how a free and independent country. The church has long been the largest institution providing services and services, and the church plays a major role in our freedom.

The Government I head now has launched a strategy last year that you all have participated in the consultation called the National Sustainable Development Plan. In this Plan, the Government recognizes the important role of the church in presenting the Direct Policy for Society Plan 1.5, the need to strengthen the role of the church in continuing to assist community service within the structure of the community. church that goes down to the level of the community and all the places where there is already a church.

Here is my Government, which has already worked to develop the NGO Policy that was to provide a structure that can authorize the government to work closely with churches or communities that is based on service delivery.

2. The second point of this gathering is important because it is a gathering of young people. Today Vanuatu is a young country, this is explained by the fact that the majority of the population of this country is 68% including young people under 30 years. Another way of seeing things if Vanuatu is a house where there are 10 people, 6 of these people are young people that we define on national youth policy as their age start from 12 years up to 30 years old.

If you take children as their age varies from 0 to 11 years old and young people from 12 to 30 years old. The country has the majority of young people. In other ways, it presents a political stake in a poor country like Vanuatu in this house where there are 10 people, at least 3 people who no longer work. While the government challenge, here is the potential development path of the other 6.

The Government Policy provides 100% education to support it, if you take a look at the new Government Policy direction, Before so far education is a product that qualification where diplomas that the we exchange to find a job.

We can say that this is based on a strategy of "Survival of the ability" You have to be strong to win. It can not measure the different level of intelligence and creativity that they do that we do not develop Vanuatu's human resources.

The Government I currently lead is based on the idea that education is a human right. All children regardless of their parent, which island they come from can matter a boy or a girl, they have the right to quality education, equality and fairness.

This is in Plan 2 society, which also speaks of need in a separate way that allows children to choose who they want to do. The basis of their ability which is not restricted from our system. My government wants to stop the school's retirement and also stop the system of wasting the potential of these human resources.

So with these big plans that we have, the government has also developed a human resource development plan that could identify the capabilities and employment gaps that is there to better address it.

As you are in the week of discussing these great ideas "We are all evangelizers" or "Yumi Everiwan ol Evangelist" I wanted to encourage and I challenge you. as much as Prime Minister of the country who declares who is with the good God.

As you are in the week of discussing these great ideas "We are all evangelizers" or "Yumi Everiwan ol Evangelist" I wanted to encourage and I challenge you. as much as Prime Minister of the country who declares who is with the good God.

Government, churches and Nakamal provide the values, beliefs and support that develop our identity. As a population, you can develop your potential to participate in building the nation. The role of securing a good sustainable future of Vanuatu is now in your hands and especially you young people in the church.

In the book of Joel Chap 2 versed 28 and Acts chapter 2 pour 17 in the sacred word of God, which says that in the times that just fed my mind to all the world, my boys and my daughters that you became professional, the old you have dreams and the young will have visions "Proverb 29 verse 18 which says that if there is no vision, the people will be punished.

The week of the National Youth Gathering that comes on time from the government facing the challenge of human resources, the challenge of the judgment of God. For us as a nation, we are declared as a Christian country, now it is in your hands the young people of the church.

The disaster that will affect us the people, they will not develop their potential or they will move away from God. Now it is the responsibility of the young leaders, that you make fundraising for their transport or register to come here today.

Thank you for stepping up on the leadership challenge of having vision to embrace the principles of independence, freedom and development.

And I finish with another verse of the Bible.

Jeremy 1.5 Before forming you in the belly of your mother I already know you and I put aside you apart and I already name you how a prophet (or an evangelization, a leader) in a nation ".

With these words, I wanted to declare the National Youth Rally for the Catholic Church in Lowanatom, west of Tanna, Tafea Province with these ideas. We are all evangelism is officially open

God bless you all.


Thank you for your attention

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