Hon. Speaker

thank you for allowing me to make a this statement following Standing Order 19 of the standong orders of Parliament.

The purpose of the statement is: Bill for the Political parties ( Regulation) Act N° of 2018 or in the French is Projet de loi N° de 2018 sur les parties politiques (  Règlement) with the consequences Bill.

Hon. speaker

Political stability  is a concern for all the people of Vanuatu and the Head of State who still remembers this honourable house  during this second ordinary session in the importance of political stability.

Through the motion  No. 11 of 2016, Parliament had established the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) to make pacts in the areas of political governance to achieve political stability.

In the field of political governance there is:

1.     Legislation blong ol political parties

2.     Tighter control long ol motion of no confidence

3.     Independent Speaker

4.     More independent Auditor General

5.     Non-stability related amendments

Even though the CRC is doing its job and producing a report of August 31, 2016. Unfortunately, these objectives are not reached because the members of this honorable chamber with their political parties do not reach the consensus of the recommendations of the CRC which fact that the Government that can withdraw e draft law for the Constitution (the seventh) (amendment) law No. 2016 of the Parliament.

The Hon Speaker

After the withdrawal, the government had reconsidered the issue of political stability and they decided to focus on the area of political governance which is the Legislation of the political parties.

The committee is working on the draft laws for political parties (regulation) Act No. 2018, this consists of the representative of the political parties who are in government and the honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs who is the chairman of the committee and the State laws take the role of the secretariat.

While the committee was working on the law of the political parties. UNDP had organized a regional conference of regulatory legal frameworks of the political party at Warwick Lagoon on 19 and 20 September 2018.

Many of these ideas are on the draft of this law reflecting the regional conference that had said so well.

And after the committee finalizes their work and after the COM has approved the draft Bill. I have the honour to address the idea of ​​the drafting of the Bill today and here in parliament as a simple piece of information for a new consultation with all members of parliament who must also consult with the respective political parties and their population in their respective constituencies.

the idea of ​​the government is to introduce this law for the year 2019 and this event that Parliament passes the Bill for the political parties, before it comes by force. the country must go through a referendum because there are also consequential  amendments that will come with these Bill.

these Bill need to go through to a  referendum, that of the Bill of the constitution (seventh) (Amendment) Act  No. 2018.

But before the government brings this Law  to the  Parliament for next year and put in place a referendum, there will be a consultation for that.

There are 5 parts in all the draft laws of the political parties:

1 parts: Preliminary definitions

Parts 2: establishes the registry office of the political party with their staff, with their function and powers.

Here, the clerk is appointed by the Judicial Service Commission, but the staff are employed by the Public Service Commission.

Parts 3: Also provides the clerk's provisions can register a political parties if he fails to meet certain requirements.

Parts 4: regulates independent candidates and the provisions of Part 4 which is applied to all persons who wanted to contest an election as much as independent candidate. These provisions are enforced by one person who gets his place in parliament as an independent candidate.

On this point, the electoral commission had put in place a minimum threshold for voters to vote for an independent candidate.

Part 5 stipulates the provisions of various issues such as regulations that the electoral commission can do from time to time with a provision that is in connection with the national elections of 2020.

The hon.

as I already briefly mention, when the parliament pass the laws of the political parties for next year. Parliament must pass 3 other consecutive bills, there are:

1. The draft law of the constitution (the seventh) (amendment) Law No. 2018

2. The draft law of the representation of the people (amendment) Law No. 2018 and

3. The Draft Law of the Charitable Association (incorporation) (amendment) Law No. 2018


The Hon. Speaker,

I wanted to talk more about developing (constitutional) draft laws.

 One of these (amendment) section 4 (3) of the Constitution to give back as object in any restriction that stipulates the law. Political parties may form freely and may stand for election. They must respect the constitution and principles of democracy

another law to be added after article 17 of the constitution paragraph 2

 Paragraph 17A is linked to the vacant post when a member had resigned or terminated and joined his political party, and

Paragraph 17 B which refers to the vacant post of a member who earns a place as an independent candidate

The Hon. Speaker,

The purpose of my statement this afternoon is to introduce how the government can work on the bills of the political parties.

The government decided to inform this honorable chamber that we have standing orders from Parliament that authorize us to do so. These drafts of laws that we are introducing are not only for the government, but for the nation. So everyone must give their opinion.

The other members had to have copies of the laws drafted in their respective offices.

And I urge all members of Parliament to take their work seriously on their consultation, because when the government launches their consultation process, the first people to talk to them. They will be members of Parliament with the political parties who are represented in this honorable chamber.

The Hon. Speaker,

This is my statement this afternoon

thank you for your attention


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