150,000 name plants are already on the land of Velit Bay east of Santo. Charlot Salwai on the day on the plantation the week end last.

At the same time, the Prime Minister noticed that it was noticed that it was the harvest of noni fries, they were already starting to make noni juice, the tablet and the capsule and 2 other noni fruit extracts. . Premier had a chance to visit factories that are not located in Velit Bay

The current plant on the Velit Bay, had a great ability to crush the fruit of a day, which is located on the plantation of Velit Bay, it is small and is controlled by the Waike group, a Chinese company . He manages the plantation and distributes the free seeds of the farmer of Santo. The manager of the company, on the one of the plant, after the planting on the plant, Great Britain.

They say they will set up their center on the islands to be able to pay the non-is and pay for a carrier boat to the Santo factory.

Currently in their nursery there were 60,000 young noni plate sprout. When they are a little big they will give free to the farmer who is interested.

At the moment, the price of noni is better than the price of copra and also the noni is not the same as kava and copra, the two products that the population has been planted, there is walking but not the factory in Vanuatu. The noni owns a market in China and now it has a factory on Santo Bay on the other and on Efate in Rentapao. The plant does not grow in any soil, in a hectare a farmer can plant up to 1,000 plants. This company is to pay the fruits of nambagura.

The company had made a report with some people who go to the plantation last year and destroy 1,200 of the noni foot, this destruction is at the top of the police.

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