The Prime Minister of Vanuatu Hon Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas is currently in New Caledonia for the signing of a trade agreement between these two countries.

During these three days of visit with the Minister of Agriculture of the Hon. We had already visited on Monday, February 11, 2019 the security company SECAL which realized the real estate project of the suburbs of Dumbéa which remained identical to the construction of the nickel factories of that of Goro (SOUTH) and of Komiambo in Kone (NOrd)

The prime minister's delegation had proposed a new Vanuatu councilor in Noumea before he prepared to stay on the upper floor of the central building of the medical hospital complex.

The Prime Minister had formalized a customary ceremony for the landowner and the Mayor of Dumbea, the Honorable George Naturel, to accept the offer of office space.

After this ceremony, the delegation visited the SECAL real estate project in Dumbéa sur Mer.

The delegation of the Prime Minister of Vanuatu and the Minister of Agriculture with a business lunch with IFPA, the New Year's vocational training institute, has even been announced by the Vice President of the Government of New Caledonia .

The institute is the same as ITV from Port Vila and the chance to withdraw from school or not to have the chance to find her through a professional and technical institute. This school delivers training in areas such as hospitality, automotive mechanics and marine professions.

On the same Monday evening, Prime Minister Salwai was visiting the University of New Caledonia at Nouville, including the research laboratory of NC government president Hon Philippe Germaine for an official press conference.

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