Good morning Everyone

Let me take the opportunity first of all to warmly welcome your participations to the launching of the Aid Management Policy and its implementation Strategy Plan.

On behalf of the government of Vanuatu, I would Like to thank the Governance for Growth program in Vanuatu whom has provided funding resources for the successful development  of this policy.

Again, I would like to repeat that the Aid Management Policy and Policy Implementation Strategy are first of a kind for Vanuatu, which  f based on the framework  and principals of effectives development cooperation. These include the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectives Development (2011).

The policy documents also respond to the pacific island Forum compact for Effective Development cooperation ( 2009). Most importantly, the documents recognize the four main components of the Busan agreement : 1) ownership of development priorities be developing countries; 2) focus on results ; 3) inclusive development partnership; and 4) transparency and accountability between countries and development partners. It is also provides direction to Vanuatu Development Partners so that there is true partnership for development planning, management and evaluation of programs and activities.

For almost four decades independence, Government of Vanuatu has been in operation without proper aid policy ( let alone have one ) that would provides direction at the government in delivering its aid programs.

In absence of such framework, collaboration amongst government agencies ( central and line ministries ) has not been effectives in aligning Government- Development Partner priorities to achieve better outcomes.

It is hoped that this aid management policy, will strengthen leadership of Development coordination improve planning and predictability of development resources, increases efficiency enc effectiveness of how development assistance is delivered, improve reporting of external resources and gradually decrease the amount of off budget support the government is receiving externally.

Once again, let me stress how important this aid policy document is to the government. It is one of the important tools for various reasons.

Firstly, it would encourage Ownership, Alignment of priorities, Harmonization and simplification of process between Government and Development Partners. It would also promote transparency and accountability and predictability or external resources.

Secondly, it is hoped that this aid management policy, will guide the government of Vanuatu in delivering an effective, effective, efficient and more result-oriented aid program to the people of Vanuatu and

Lastly but not the least, this Aid management policy would provide a common platform for collaboration effort between government central agencies in reducing duplication, improve oversight and better communication of Government priorities to Development partners.

To this end, i would like to thank you all, in particular, those who have participate in the consultative process namely, the development partners, NGO's, Government central Agencies and DSPPAC team that have contributed and add value to his Aid Management Policy as guide for effective coordination and administration of aid programs within the Government of Vanuatu.

In the name of the Government of Vanuatu, Development Partners and NGO's, i now officially launch the first ever Aid Management Policy and its implementation strategy.

Thank you once again.


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