Hapi 50th Anniversary blong wol telekomunikesen mo informesen Sosaeti Dei mo Hapi Pasifik Dei Selebresen 2019!

Introduction to theme of celebration

It is my pleasure to address you today in this great gathering.

Toda we are celebrating our progress and achievement in the development of ICT towards connected Vanuatu for the 7th year since 2012.

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, our celebrations at this year's edition of the Pacific ICT Day coincides with the 50th anniversary of the world telecommunication and Information Society Day with the theme " Bridging the Standardization Gap"

Bridging the Standardisation Gap BSG is a fundamental part of the international Telecommunication Union's mission to connect the world. The overarching goal of the BSG programme is to addressing the disparities and the abilities of the developing countries to access and influences the international ITU's standard and facelifting the participation of developing countries in ITU's standard making process as well as disseminating information about existing standards.

Excellencies, ladies and Gentlemen, it would please you to know that the Vanuatu Government shares this goal.

Accessibility and Affordability

our great accomplishments over the  last 10 years, experiences and lessons learnt through so many challenges; we are confident of our progress. Yet there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. The Government has commenced to taking stringent measures to see more improvement to our established institutions, policies, regulations and legislative framework, which will enhance our developments in the ICT sector. More importantly, full utilisation of our current infrastructure and the improvements in the roll out of broadband coverage. This will be done through collaboration and partnership with our private Sector and will ensure that broadband connectivity is accessible and at an affordable price for all.

Security and protection

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, our culture is rich in respect and trust. In this era of robust connectivity and leaving no one behind, it brings greater opportunities in terms of the convenience of not just extending horizons for us to communicate but also communicating in many form- for example, sharing picture, videos including movies and many more. Thanks to 4G technology and standard that today we are able to live stream events over the internet.

Whilst we appreciate the greater benefits that ICT can bring to us our ICT policies, regulation and legislation have to be shaped in ways and manners that protect our Melanesian Values and Christian Principles.

One of the Melanesian Values is respect which sometimes it is reflected through "shyness" and " silent" can be eroded easily through ICT if we have not protected through our policies, legislation and regulations.

I would like to urge all us to be mindful of the possible threats and attacks that we are susceptible if we are not conducting ourselves respectfully online as we are taught through our Melanesian values and Christian Principals.

Let me size this opportunity to applaud our efforts in establishing our national  Computer Emergency Response Team ( or CERT Vanuatu) through the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer. I wish to acknowledge the support of the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade ( DFAT) towards the establishment of CERT Vanuatu.

On this note, i take this opportunity also ton congratulate all stakeholders for the successful establishment of the Vanuatu Internet Governance Forum. The Government has made commitments to supporting the Van IGF Secretariat. With the establishment of this entity, we are hoping to see an improved engagement with the community at large on addressing some of the issue we are experiencing with the internet and the ICT ecosystem. I'm delighted to announce that the Van IGF will have its inaugural gathering tomorrow, May 17, here at the National Convention.

With all these gatherings, I am very much hopeful that during these two days, we will be exploring on the opportunities through panel discussions and of share ideas in order to assist the Government, telecom operators and all others stakeholders to forge our efforts in ensuring that we have sound security mechanisms that are there always providing protection when we are online.

e-Government and Digital Governance

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, in December of 2018, the Council of Ministers has approved the design and development of a National Digital Governance Roadmap for Vanuatu. The National Digital Governance Roadmap will ensure that we harmonise our policies, regulations, legislations and technical standards. With the single ICT space, we are hoping to create affordable networks, which are of greater benefits to Vanuatu consumers in the business sector as well as to all citizens and residents alike.

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, inclosing, as your minister responsible for ICT , Telecommunication and Broadcasting, I take this opportunity to congratulate the efforts of the Vanuatu Government in emphasizing the importance of ICT through events like these Pacific ICT Days. Also, allow me to acknowledge the support of the Australian Government to the ICT sector in Vanuatu the Governance for growth Program since 2007 until today. Technological advancements in society have meant that as human beings, our ability to communicate and to access information is much easier now than it has ever been.

Pacific ICT days this year 2019, provides another gathering of great minds to share experiences, discuss latest technological advances, address key  challenges and explore new business opportunity within the ICT sector. It offers the opportunity to reinforce relationship among all players of the ICT ecosystem, including public administrations, private sector companies, entrepreneurs, not-for profits, as well as all the people living in Vanuatu and the Pacific .

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, it would please you to know that in this year's edition of the Pacific ICT Days, we are co-hosting with the UNDP for the first time the national youth co-Lab Dialogue. The " leaving No One Behind" National Dialogue comes under UNDP's Regional Youth Programme for leadership , innovation and Entrepreneurship, and is driven by the Vanuatu Youth Sector in alignment with the Vanuatu Government's Economic Pillar in the national sustainable Development plan to foster an enabling business environment for entrepreneurs. The objective is to build digital future for all whilst enhancing collaboration and celebrating the whole ICT sector. ICT days 2019 panel discussions will cover many interesting topics like cyber security standards, emergency, telecommunication, the importance of telecommunication standards, its benefits and the improvements for business opportunities.

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, allows me to thank all our sponsors, our panellists and Moderators, Our Events Coordination team and organizer of our celebration, especially the office  of the Government Chief Information Officer and telecommunication, radio Communication, Broadcasting, and regulator ( TRBR) in collaboration with Vanuatu Internet Governance Forum ( VanIGF) and the University if the South Pacific's campus for putting together this great gathering for us.

I would also like to welcome and thank all those that have travelled from their schools, workplace, different islands, and from abroad to join us in this celebration.

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, as your Minister responsible for ICTs, Telecommunication and broadcasting, I now officially declare that the 2019 Edition of the Pacific ICT Days officially open.

I wish you all happy celebrations.

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