The right to swing my fist and where the other man's nose begins. This sentences su,s up the disdain that many have been feeling, directly and indirectly whist on the receiving end from the the Opposition blatant threats inciting many on social Media to childishly follow their lead with hate and antipathy essentially pointing one finger forward unbeknownst of the four others pointing back at them.

Following several weeks of being subjected to blatantly abhorrent and one-side comments from Opposition and social network, the time has come to speak up says Hon. Minister Christophe Emelle. The Government has remained silent over a long period of time putting its trust in the justice system and today the justice system has ruled that the Government has not breached the Constitution, our Mother law by its appointments. The Hon. Prime Minister is currently travelling to China  for his official visit since he took office and yesterday the judgement on the Constitution Application by the Opposition will surely strengthen our Hon. Prime Minister position who received  this news with great  satisfaction commented the Hon. Minister of MIPU and Acting PM.

Satisfaction, because once again the court of law of our court of Law of our country has upheld our democracy ruling that the rule of law applies to all and does not necessarily favour the so called " victims" who have kept spewing invective comments, portraying indignant behaviour towards the government's action when they themselves created the so called problem in the first instance back in 2013. In point 61 of his judgment Justice Aru questioned the merit and the legitimacy of the Oppositions Application on the fact that the Application were now complaining about the appointment of the Parliament Secretaries when some of them initiated the original amendments to the Official Salary Act and appointed the first Parliament Secretaries. Justice Aru concluded that it did not help them. He further struck out the case on the ground that the appointment of the parliamentary Secretaries did not violate the Constitution.

In the quest for power and Legitimacy, the Opposition has by all means attempted to overthrow the Government, to the point where they attempted to utilize the Justice system as a weapon. A weapon that completely essentially making a fool of themselves by putting that famous expression " DO as I sayy not as I do" into full practise loudly declared Hon. Minister Emelee.

The Opposition Members who played the key role in the establishment of the Parliament Secretaries including those who were PS's themselves and those who signed that famous MOU at Pele in 2016 should now feel reassured that it does not violate the Constitution.

The Government does nt wish to comment on the real motives behind the oppositions legal actions but the Government is thankful to the opposition for demonstrating to the people of Vanuatu how united and strong this Government is.

Recently both Former Parliament Secretaries Hon Tom Noam and Hon. Johnny Koanapo resigned from their position to put an end to the negative media trail and the backlash they were facing on a day to day level by family and supporters, but did not hesitate to reaffirm their loyalty to the Government.

Surely, the Government could have better tabled the amendment to the Constitution which was recently declared unconstitutional by Chief justice Vincent Lunabek say Hon. Acting Prime Minster Emelee. Indeed, it was not the intention of the Government to establish the position of Parliamentary Secretary equivalent as Minister as interpreted by Chief Justice Vincent Lunabek.

The Government solely intended to legitimize the appointments. This however is no longer need as the appointment were recently deemed legitimate and legal.

The wording used to amend the Constitution was wrong since justice Aru in his judgment analyzed the facts and indeed concluded that Parliament Secretaries appointed over the past years since 2013 have not participated in any executive decision making processes contrary to what the opposition has claimed and where therefore not equivalent to Ministers. 

Having said that, the Government is seriously concerned by the Opposition which did not hesitate to discredit many honorable Members of Parliament in the Media and Social Network when themselves had "unclean hands" and the Government has remained silent to date even at the time of the two unfortunate and flawed defeated motions back in December last year.

Some recent comments on social media have been alarming calling for a "coup" to take over the democratically elected Government further insulting Hon.Members of Parliament. Some people seem to feel protected behind electronics exchange but this kind of behavior will not remain unpunished as the Parliament is soon to pass its Cybersecurity Bill in June this year. Of Course there is the concept of freedom, one's freedom only ends where the others begins, meaning there are lines that are not to be crossed.

Today, the Government is stronger than ever but has listened to the people of Vanuatu who have called for more transparency in the conduct of the coalition Government's intention to look into these appointment to see how the concerns by the public could be better addressed . The Government is also unanimously calling on the Opposition to stop doing politics and campaigning with the Court of Justice and start working in Parliament for the People of Vanuatu. The next General Elections are in less than a year and will not take place before a judge but before the people of Vanuatu stated Hon.  Minister MIPU and Acting Prime Minister Emelee.

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