After a long wait and finally they started to cut the roads of the Pentecost Center, there are some road works that I will go to Lalwori near work or work that advance to cut a 1.5 km road on Vanvat near from Ranmawat and another 1.5 kilometers to lari. The one going to Maorep and Lebati, the excavator had already dug on Saturday. These two places are very rich in kava culture and have made up a large number of people since independence. They were again transported aboard the boat and their horses. Maorep had hosted 20 families from Northern Ambae following the eruption of the volcano. these ambaiens who have planted kava and work that were roused last time they put their kava on the back of the horse as the inhabitants of Maorep and Lebati, they made this habit from their country. Before the excavator starts last week, the population is already lowering the tall trees or passing the road. They thank the government for responding to their need for the road.

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