Thank you for inviting me to attend the closing ceremony of this important Seminar.

I am honoured to preside over the 27th Seminar for Port State Control ( Asia- Pacific Region ) at its closing session, to provide a briefing on what has been achieved, but also on the prospects of Vanuatu being party to Tokyo MOU now coming to an end closing of Seminar Presentation.

Tokyo MOU is one of the most active regional port State Control ( PSC) in the world including 20 members Authority in the Asia Pacific Region. With its effective regime in Asia Pacific Region, the co-operation of its members has been harmonized for their activities, to eliminate substandard shipping so as to promote

·         maritime safety

·         Protection to marine environment and

·         to safeguard working and live conditions on board ships

As  you are aware, the objective of this seminar is to

·         Provide opportunity for seminar port State Control ( PSC) officers to update knowledge and to share experience and expertise on port state control

·         The concentrated inspection on safety of navigation

·         Authorities detained verification and inspections of ship flying the flags.

·         PSC technical procedures and guidelines to inspection and technical cooperation activities

·         And promoting a closer co-operation and harmonization on port state control throughout the region.

·         The concentrated inspection on Emergency System and Procedures and

·         Guideline for control and operations.

·         It is also expected that participants to the seminar could extend the knowledge gained and useful information received from the seminar to other PSC officers in their Authority to make seminar more effective.

It has been over a decade, Vanuatu has apparently and significantly proud of what has been achieved as a country party to Tokyo MOU.

In the Pacific Region we have more sea than and over the years we have not explore its full potential. I strongly believe that there are immense benefits that we can get from our sea.

We are therefore, proud to host for on behalf of our members countries the 27th Seminar now coming to a closing season today.

As mandated to as a member state country, this Vanuatu convened a three-days Seminar Meeting on Tokyo MOU which I hope the meeting have come up with concrete and solid recommendations for addressing the gaps and challenges of middle-income countries, representing two-thirds of the total Tokyo MOU membership, in the implementation of the Tokyo next agendas

Building on the good practice established during the previous session, i have  enclosed a series of meeting Dialogues with Excellency Hiroyasu  ( Tokyo MOU Secretariat), focusing on thematic issues perceived as challenges to the Maritimes Port State Control for Asia Pacific Region.

I am pleased to note that co-facilitators of the Asia Pacific Regions with the outcome process will send strong signal on our collective commitment to our member countries and Vanuatu Maritime Regime.

I am encouraging all Asia Pacific Regional to work collectively on Maritimes and environment. And we need to see good response as an opportunity to set a course for a better future for Port State Control being forward to a greener, cleaner and more sustainable world.

In Vanuatu we value our sea and as part of our commitment  Government has taken drastic steps to ban the plastic littering in the ocean and most importantly develop an Ocean Policy which will guide us on how we will keep our ocean clean and ensuring the sustainability of our marine life.

Last but not least, this all related to peace and security, peace building and sustaining peace, in order to build more peaceful and resilient societies.

What you have achieved in the seminar session this week is due to the collective resolve, commitment and hard work of you all and I thank you for this. May I encourage that the same spirit will be of crucial importance as you tackle the heavy agenda of PSC in your countries.

I hope you have enjoyed your stayed with us here in Vanuatu, our Hospitality and natural smile our God has bless us with. While you have remaining days/hours left with us. Please enjoy our beautiful country.

As the Prime Minister, I am grateful to you and look forward to your support.

On that note, I now call Vanuatu Host 27th Seminar for Port State Control for Asia Pacific Region 1-4 July-Tokyo MOU seminar season now officially close.


Thank you for your attention.

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