Prime Minister Charlot Salwai revealed to the Solomon Islands Minister of Communications and Aviation Agovaka Peter this afternoon when they meet separately at the meeting of the 19th Regulatory Meeting throughout the planet that continues in Port Vila that Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands are Melanesian brothers. Mr. Salwai made this speech following the request of the Vanuatu Know-How in the EGavman network and as Vanuatu was able to negotiate with its natural disaster and after that, Mr. Agovaka said that the Solomon Islands receives the same disaster as Vanuatu is ready for what the Solomon Islands had to ask because they are brothers. He says that Vanuatu with technical personnel to help these two sectors that the Solomon Islands minister had asked, There are successes and weaknesses he is inviting the Solomon Islands government to find out how Vanuatu deals with disasters like the cyclones, the volcanoes that burst, the one from which they evacuated more than 11,000 people from Ambae. Mr Salwai says that it is a weakness that Vanuatu learns during disasters. It's a way of giving imported foods like cans. He says it will cause another disaster like diabetes. These two leaders had touched a little over two miles of underwater cable. They agree to work together to develop this technology. Prime Minister Salwai thanked the Government of Solomon Islands for sending these nurses to Vanuatu.

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