Prime Minister Charlot Salwai met with the Director General of the satellite phone organization, IMSO, last night, Ahmind Moin. Mr. Moin told Mr. Salwai that their company had a pilot project in Vanuatu. He was this project and safety system pilot for Vanuatu boats. Prime Minister Salwai says Vanuatu is an archipelago that relies heavily on shipping. Mr. Salwai says that several times use the boat to travel. He says the people of Vanuatu are very dependent on fishing and how there are fishermen who lose their lives just right. Mr. Salwai said Vanuatu needed to develop ICTs for the safety of local boats and the people who were traveling. Prime Minister Salwai says Vanuatu needs ICT alongside maritime security. He said that fishermen need the necessary equipment for the safety of fishermen and lifejackets. When they spoke of Vanuatu's naval problems, Mr. Salwai said he had existed before the CSR project that is now 7000 people from Vanuatu going to CSR. But they will not go by sea. Mr. Salwai said today that Vanuatu's naval government was still in New York, but was currently at the cutting edge of technology, that it was not necessary to stay in New York. He said that the Office should relocate to Vanuatu for good management of the Vanuatu flag-carrying vessel. Mr. Salwai says the Vanuatu Maritime College that the government had arranged for the children to have taken training for the employer in big boats, but the present day, but it still does not exist.

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