The Vanuatu Mobile Force has an enviable reputation for producing future leaders. Graduation today marks the beginning of your journey of not only soldiering but potential future leaders within our security force.

During recruit training blong yufala long Cook Barracks, yufala i bin undertakem wan extensive curriculum, everywan specialy designed blong preparem yufala blong kam ol soldiers long wan increasingly complex world, yufala i bin develop mo demonstratem ol necessary skills, knowledge mo attitude blong kam soldiers insaed long Vanuatu Mobile Force.

I would like to publicaly acknowledge the vital role played by your VMF and Australia Arly training instructors and staff in your development as soldiers of character for service in the Vanuatu Mobile Force, and thank them on your behalf. I know they derive great satisfaction in being part of your journey.

Mi acknowledgem and etendem ol thankio i go long ol family mo ol friends blong yufala, we oli entrustem yufala long one long ol Vanuatu's most prestige organization. Your Families and friend will continue to play a critical role in the years ahead as young officers contended with the rigorous demands of soldering. At the same time, your family must be proud of your determination, your discipline and your integrity. I am sure that the pathway has not been easy. I acknowledge that your decision of serving the country has implied sacrifices. Today all these efforts pay off.

Taem yufala i stap move from here, mo i go long ol first appointment blong yufala olsem ol soldiers insaed long Vanuatu Mobile Force, mi stap requierem yufala everyone blong applaem wanem we yufala i learnem blong mekem sua se ol actions blong yufala, ol behaviors, ol judgment mo decisions oli ethically sound full well se each on long yufala bae oli personally accountable long ol responsibilities blong yufala towards ol people blong yumi, towards Vanuatu Mobile Force mo Netion blong yumi.

You have made the ultimate choice to serve your country, the people of Vanuatu ant to protect the constitution. The oath of allegiance you took today is a testament of your ultimate sacrifice of placing national interest well and above your own self-interest. VMF is and will remain Vanuatu last resort to law and order in the country and will remain the state's institution of national strength.

Yumi stand here today olsem wan nation blong honorem commitment blong yufala blong servem country blong yumi. Ol brothers, sisters, cousins, uncle, parent, blong yufala mo everyone present here today, everiwan oli pround long national calling blong yufala, commitment mo achievement. Yufala i karem long shoulders blong yufala enormous responsability: the well-being, welfare mo future blong ol people blong yumi oli entrusted long yufala. Mo i semak olsem future blng this nation's finest institution, Vanuatu Mobile Force.

The Vanuatu Mobile Force is central to the story of our nation. We have a pround historyof achievement, of promoting and defending our national interests. Vanuatu Mobile Force will always remain an organization in motion. Many have gone before you; and you will benefit from their hard-earned experiences as you tackle new challenges. It is now your responsibility to Honor them exalting all that the Vanuatu Mobile Force represents,

Thirty Nine years ago at the this month, Vanuatu gained its political freedom wich eventually saw the establishment of the Vanuatu Mobile Force after graduation of over  young NI-Vanuatu just like you from Goldie Barracks in PNG. Today, Vanuatu i proud blong witnesem graduation blong 100 new VMF recruits blong addem long existing manpower.

Today we continue that story of soldering and services to our Nation. Committed and ready now, and continuously preparing for the future in changing world, you are entrusted with the highest level of responsibility that will ensure Vanuatu remains safe and secure at all times.

Peace mo security hemi wan top priority blong nation blong yumi. Mi wandem expressem evri gratitude blong mi in adva,ce from ol oncoming guard day mo nigths on duties blong yufala blong ensurem national security mo respect long rule blong law. Country blong yumi bae hemi constanly in debt long yufala.

So, the people of this country eagerly awaits your arrival in the ranks and files of the Vanuatu Mobile Force as our newest officers bringing your energy, inspiration and soldering skills, to put your own stamp on History.

You must embrace your commitment to join the Vanuatu Mobile Force with confidence and passion. Commit to being your best self; the best soldier in your teams that you can be every single day. Hold yourself to your own high standards? Soldering with purpose, with integrity and humility.

Congratulation. Mi proud long yufala; Mifala everiwan I pround long yufala. Nation blong yumi I proud long yufala. I wish you good luck in all of your future endeavors, and Good Soldiering!

Je vous remercie! Thank you tumas.

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