The Pentecost Center Chiefs and Prime Minister Charlot Salwai welcomed the decision of the Court of Appeal regarding the problem of appointing parliamentary secretaries yesterday. This morning the leaders met with Mr Salwai to congratulate him on the development that is taking place on Pentecost and other Vanuatu islands. Leaders say if opposition leaders want members of Parliament to be resigned as Prime Minister of Vanuatu, then he should be the first to be resigned as Leader of the Opposition after losing 7 motion of no confidence against their member of Parliament. They say that only a court decision at the judicial level but Mr Kalsakau had lost 7 motion at the legislative level. They ask Mr Kalsakau not to politicize the decision of the Court of Appeal but he is preparing to return to his seat for the 2020 general election. The Pentecost Chiefs say they are ready to hand over their MP to Parliament at the next General election of 2020. They say it's better that Mr Kalsakau removes the dirt from his eye before asking their MP to resign themselves. Yesterday evening, there is a customary dance "Sawagoro" in the nakamal of Lebati to welcome the decision of the court of appeal. The Premier is currently in Melsisi to celebrate the 39th anniversary of independence with his people before returning to Port Vila on Monday.

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