It is great honour and pleasure for me to deliver this message today at the important gathering - The Public Service Day,

We must give recognition to the value of the public service provided to the people of Vanuatu; to also highlight the contribution of public service in the development process; to recognise the work of the public servants and importantly, to encourage young people to pursue careers in the public sector on this day.

Today we live in an era unlike any other- a period in the history of Vanuatu by constant social, political and commercial change. Vanuatu, as a small Island state, regardless of its size and remoteness, are now linked by multiple and extensive development outlooks, thus create new and demanding challenges for policy makers.

The complexities of this new form of interdependence have changed the traditional role of the state. Globalisation has also led to the development of new roles, relationships and partnership among government, the civil society and the private sector. This has enhanced the influence of the Public on governance systems and administrative institution in service delivery.

For 39 years, since Vanuatu gained its independence, our development partners has assisted the Government of Vanuatu through the Vanuatu Publics service Commission, in their efforts to strengthen, improve and reform their governance systems and administrative institutions.

The Public Service Commission had incorporated the traditional public administration paradigm with appropriate innovations derived from new public management initiative and a public governance approach in the governance service delivery.

The new initiative has particularly focused in the linkage between the sound governance, public administration system and the implementation of the internationally agreed development goals ( SDG).

Vanuatu has stood out from other countries in the region, even at the global arena, to have develop a national plan ( NSDP) which have derived from the SDGs.

This NSDP, serve as the country's highest level policy framework. IT is founded on our culture, traditional knowledge and Christian principles, and building on our development journey since we gained our independence in 1980.

We have already achieved a great deal, as we have encounter many difficulties and setbacks, some from natural disasters and some from the result of poor leadership.. But which robust and well equipped public servants, the government of Vanuatu can deliver effective and efficient service delivery to the people of this country.

Despite the challenges of the natural disasters, resource scarcity and political stability faced to deliver government services, I must commend all public servants and development partners for the delivery of some of the major achievements for our country this year, some which are:

·         New construction and rehabilitation of major infrastructures  ( airport, road, wharves) in various island in the country,

·         Extension education policy from year 10 to year 13

·         Ministry of Agriculture continue to enhance agriculture services to the provinces through its 5 departments.

·         Establishment of new Vanuatu's overseas missions

·         Vanuatu was the first pacific island nation to banned the use of plastic bags since july 2018

·         Continue to support the rural communities through the implementation Energy Road Map,

·         Vanuatu continue to receive funding from European Development Fund ( EDF 10 & 11)

·         Vanuatu graduation out for LDC in 2020.

With all these key achievement this year, the government of Vanuatu is dedicated to promote good governance through public sector reform, hence the establishment of Government Machinery. The work of Government Machinery so fare is still to be completed and we are looking forward to receive their recommendation by the end of this year.

By enhancing efficiency the Government of Vanuatu is making efforts to serve its people better through proper effective and efficient government machinery.

The Government is taking proactive steps to strengthen its role as a responsible member of the global community by promoting mutual understanding and international cooperation with other counties. Many have provided funds to help boost sector development and sector deliver to the people of Vanuatu.

The Government of Vanuatu would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment with our development partners to the people of Vanuatu  for the achievement  of the National sustainable Development Plans ( NSDP) through the public sector development.

We hope that the panel discussion yesterday  and today will address some collective ideas on way forward to improve quality service delivery that public servants ant the government as a whole, are accountable to deliver to the people of this country.

Despite all these hard words, as the Minister for Public service, I would like to sincerely thank the public servants present here today and those listening through the radio and other media outlets a happy Public service day. Please take this day to celebrate the contribution you have made this country through whatever Ministry or Department and whatever ministry or Department and whatever commission you served under. May we not focus on the negativity but learn from our mistake and share brighter ideas and move forward together positively in achieving the big plan of this nation the people's plan of 2030.

And with these words I now would Like to declare that the Day,  2019 is now officially open.

Thank you all for your attention

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