Good afternoon to you all and welcome to all of you as you take your time to attend this important ceremony today to mark an important milestone in our country.

As Prime Minister and with the same title, the Head of Government, I am very honored and proud to attend this ceremony to formalize the opening of rehabilitation works that the Government through the Minister of Infrastructure and Public Services who done on Seven Star and the Ohlen Road which is a multi-year request for the population of Port Vila.

It is the result of the stability of the government today that can do it and we must thank the bankers and government ministers. And I am proud and happy to see that so many of them are with us today.

I am proud to say that as I talked a lot about the Vanuatu Islands starting from Aneityum until Torres saw the new roads that the Government that does with the fund of 3 billion Vatus of additional authorization. These roads are made to provide access to agricultural land to simulate economic activities.

The present Government has heard the needs of the people and they have committed themselves initially to provide the service of return to the people of Vanuatu.

I know that this road that we are opening today is a long time need for the people of Seven Star and Ohlen, I remember 20 years, today the government that I lead , just told us resident of Seven Star and Ohlen that they did not forget your crying.

In the past, the government and aid donors have spent their time and their governments for engineers abroad to designate a Seven Star solution but they come back with unaffordable options with a lot of doubts that their plan will work.

The estimated value that foreign engineers who bring are in the ranks of 200 million to 600 million vatu to solve the problem of flooding and repair the roads of Seven star and Ohlen.

I am happy and proud to say that the work that is here today is thanks to our young engineers and this work, only the government had founded with a total sum that is less than 50 million vatu.

The government has invested heavily in education and scholarships to train our engineers to help us in this kind of work that is being witnessed today.

Thanks to the leadership of the Minister of Infrastructure and Public Services through their leadership this work can come true and provide solutions for your many years of crying.

Today we are witnessing successful realization of Seven Star and Ohlen, the concrete floor joint that will greatly benefit these residences and neighborhoods and all of Port Vila.

This work is complete, it shows that the Vanuatu government through the technicians, they are recognizing our needs to build our resilient infrastructure to face the climate change and the natural disaster that come.

These new roads provide better and comfortable access for people to go to the hospital, market, bank, work, main city and school going students and also save time for traveling.

With the best benefit that the road can give you, I would like to appeal to you:

• We are residence felo from Seven Star and Ohlen, the road users, you have used this route for the way of service and purpose and to take good care of this infrastructure and activates that the government had built for you .

• I ask you again to keep good and not to do damage on the tar and especially the way to secure the sedimentary basin, so please do not throw the dirt in the sedimentary basin.

• For our driver, I strongly urge you to drive with great care on the road, because this road is on a residential area and we do not want to have an accident.

Last but not the last, I mean when the population shows appreciation on what the government is providing and using according to the proposal when the government can open more doors in development and services that comes from the people.

Today, I am pleased to announce that the government has committed to improve the roads and drainage of Anamdrou before the end of December 2019. The Minister of Finance who is with me today to secure the bottom from this road.

With that, I want to thank you all who are present and thanked for listening.


Thank you very much.

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