The overall vision of the Vanuatu government is described in the PAA as follows:

“An educated, healthy and wealthy Vanuatu”.

In the pages that follow, you will read about the implementation progress of government priorities set out in the PAA and the PLAS. You will become acquainted on the data presented against the PAA and PLAS performance indicators. The report does not provide full analysis on the impact of government programs and policies; however the ongoing reforms and the quantitative and qualitative data of many of the performance indicators are captured.

The ministries and departments have played a crucial role in providing timely, accurate data and information to produce this report. The need to strengthened and aligned annual reporting to the PAA performance indicators and the PLAS performance indicators has been a core focus and the government will further strengthened this important linkages in the coming years.

The Annual Development Report is purposely aim at providing an overview of progress in implementing the policies in the PAA and PLAS. Thus the report describes the progress made in the strategic priorities and sector priorities using the performance indicators.

We are proud to share with you some of the achievements for 2009 and look forward to continuing this important undertaking for years to come.

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